My Infosec Journey Begins

Las week I finished reading Cult of the Dead Cow, by Joseph Menn. Since then, I’ve embarked in the journey of spreading awareness about the brittle state of security and privacy on the Interwebs. The more you know, the more you realize how scary the online world is.

Government-sponsored malware, cyber criminals taking your data or Disney+ account hostage, creeps spying on their exes. Examples are countless. Yet it’s surprising how some education and change of habits can help avoid being victims of cybercrime.

Let us not curse the darkness. Let us kindle little lights.

Dada Vaswani

For this reason, I’ve decided to brush up my Infosec knowledge. I’m committing myself to making the Internet safer for me and those around me. Since I learn stuff better by writing about it, I’m expecting to blog more frequently, particularly on topics related to Infosec. There’s no better way to beat your enemy than to getting to know them very well.

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